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  1. ... gift-sale with additional surprise, we offer a package of great beauty at no additional charge .

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  2. 若有任何外界支付銀行的費用,利息及還款應全數撥給受益人的戶口. 第七十八項:有關銀行支付/入賬/磋商方法 但凡每張支票支付款項與記帳文件不符合時,銀行會將該戶口收取罰款與美金七十五元正相同的幣值.. Yip

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  3. 這是在說明 住宿期間"頭尾月份"這兩個月的收費方式. 也就是: 1.你的第一個月... 要是在1號到10號(含)之間住入的話,就要赴整個月的租金 要是在11到25(含)之間入住的話,就要付半個月 要是在26(含)之後入住的話,就要照每日28歐元付 2. 你的最後一個月... 要是在1號到5號(含)之間退租的話...

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  4. (1)You have only paid all your bills for last month. (2)There are some bills to be paid by you this month,ie.water charges , gas charges , and network fees.

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  5. Security Deposit: tenants will be charged for 2 months. When the duration of the lease has ended...

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  6. 新聞英語是報導每日所發生的事件,或針對這些事件的評論。每一事件都有其起源,歷史背景,年代更可能歷經數十年,例如,台灣人所關心的"一中原則" (one China policy)。閱讀新聞英語就是要對該新聞的前因後果有所認識才能理解。 版大問題中所提到的 "...

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  7. completed by collaborative efforts, I was the one in charge of compiling, proofreading and consolidating the layout to...

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  8. We would check in on time. By the way, we have made an reservation for two consective nights. Would I pay the room charge when we check in ? 所謂現場付費是指check in 的時候吧?還是我有誤解你的原意?

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