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  2. ...joyfully thoroughly When translation inside must certainly use →complete happiness this character ~ 圖片參考: 2009-05-17 23:11:30...

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  3. ...之所以重要乃由於「情感、品格與道德本能之關聯性」(the link between sentiment, character ,and moral instincts),他認為這個時代最需要的兩種美德就是「自制力...

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  5. ... full imaginations. There's even a new type of character -made entirely by computers-which is getting more and more...

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  6. My favorite character is the girl that has a magic finger.She has the a magic...

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  7. ...大陸的網站找資料,看不懂的,剪貼到 WORD裡面做 中文 簡繁轉換即可 下次就會懂了! 要寫簡體字,一樣先在word...%E9%9F%B3 === 漢字 Han character / 漢象形文字 Han ideographs 包含: 中日韓...

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  8. ...potential, it is interesting to note the particular emphasis on character . 除了領導潛力外,他鮮明的個性格外令人矚目

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  9. ... 中文 編碼:CNS-11643, Big-5, CCCII http...38 補充: Free Online Unicode Character Map

  10. ... catastrophe of a tragedy usually brings death or ruin to the leading character . 悲劇的結局常常是主角的死亡或徹底失敗。

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