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  1. It means he is an interesting person.It means he is different ,but not necessary weird or unacceptable.

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  2. 1.The japanese character Doreamon has childlike humor, but innocence...2.Owning products [with animated characters ] can also be a statement of personal history. [ ]裡面我看不懂...

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  3. 這要看上下文, 還有語詞的使用範園為何?才能決定怎麼翻譯.. 我會翻譯成"特色商標"

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  4. 我已經傳給你囉!!!!!! 希望你有收到~ 補字的第三行....

  5. 「益范」。 Which input method do you use, Pinyin or Zhuyin? Yi Fan -- in Pinyin ㄧˋㄈㄢˋ -- in Zhuyin

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  6. 『 Character is destiny. ----Heraclitus 性格即命運。 ----赫拉克利特(西元前540...2010-10-01 09:55:39 補充: 另外還有兩句語錄與此相關: 1.A man's character is his fate. -Heraclitus (一個人的性格是他的命運。 ) 2...

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