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  1. 1. I had a scramble egg, a piece of bread, a bowl of boiled oat meal with milk and several slices of English cucumber; 2. I would like to eat at home with my family members together; 3. I think that most barbecue meats being unhealthy; 4...

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  2. ... system such as T cells (specifically CD4+ T cells ) and causes a lifelong severe illness...

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  3. 這需要専注。當你在健身時,不管你當下正在使用的類型的運動或機器。你全神貫注在健身房鍛煉手頭的任務。把手機丟在車上吧!

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  4. 中華電信最低月租3G 183元/月 費率網址: cell _ phone _plans/monthly_rate_plan/3g_data_plan

  5. ...控制.不然使用超過還是會增加費用喔!) 這裡有說明計費的方式: cell _ phone _plans/monthly_rate_plan/3g_data_plan

  6. ...2015-06-14 08:26:55 補充: 如需要可買預付卡 Cell _ phone _plans/Prepaid_plans

  7. ... that students cannot use cell phones to take pictures of class lessons...when the teacher is unaware of. Thus, cell phone should be prohibited with students...

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  8. ...形容詞用。第一句是前者;第二句是後者。3.還有關於Whose Whose cell phone is this? 是不是也能寫成Whose cell phone is this cell phone ...

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