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  1. .... Hundreds of local people and tourists join the celebrations .數以百計的當地居民和遊客共襄盛舉(參加這些慶祝活動)。 3. The annual...

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  2. ...celebrate這個字 如果要延伸celebrate的詞性 你還可以用這首歌去補充 celebrate --> celebration Kool & The Gang - Celebration

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  3. ...可以優惠幾千元以上 像最近的優惠有: celebration /index.htm 還滿划算的~ 讓你參考一下囉~

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  4. ... holy day of All Saints, but is today largely a secular celebration . Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, wearing...

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  5. ...復活節 festival 慶祝活動 party 派對 egg 蛋 chicken 小雞 chocolate 巧克力 grass 草地 celebration 慶祝 life 生命 第四課 ↓ letter 信 live 住 college 大學 also 也 writer...

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  6. ...039;s brothers and sisters at the outside government new year's celebration , thanks everybody 希望有幫到妳

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  7. ... FestivalsHolidat Jazz Chants, Seasons an Celebrations 免費 以下是他的網址:

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  8. ...this time for spirituality. In addition, we also regularly hold a three-month birthday celebration , everyone can go eat delicious cake I think this party is great, our...

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  9. ...3.(B)Whoever 4.(D)another 5.(B)to choose VI 1. celebrations 2.traditional 3.becoming 4.less to do with 5.than with

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  10., because in the family is sells the rice, therefore the new year's celebration eve, always very many need rice manufacture food, therefore before lunar New Year...

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