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  1. ...應該是固定這樣用吧!英文裡稱collocation(詞語的搭配) 但老實說我不確定play catch upcatch up 有什麼不同。 我在想可能是 catch up 是口語與書面都可用,但play catch ...

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  2. ... Francisco , “I want to have fun with friends and catch up on their lives.The real reason Igo is for the...

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  3. catch up 的意思是 追趕 , 通常是用在課業上. 所以說 We have a lot of catching up to do. 可以解釋成在課業上 我們有很大一段落差要趕上.

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  4. Usher - Caught Up Usher - Yeahpetey pablo - freek-a-leekNelly - Hot...

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  5. .../I/51SAc3FbwLL._SL500_AA280_.jpg Caught up in what's in Caught up in the things that everyone wants...

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  6. Usher - Caught Up J -Kwon feat. Chingy & Murphy... John - Step Yo Game Up P.Diddy Ft. Mark Curry...

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  7. 大大您好 Nice to visit memory lane and catch up with each other. 這句話照字面上翻的意思是 「拜訪記憶是很好的而且要趕上彼此」 但很不通順 而且我覺得它是個諺語意思是 「回憶是很好的,而且要製造新的回憶」 希望有幫助到您:)

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  8. 1.趕上 catch up with Let's hurry and catch up with the group ahead. 我們快點,趕上前面的...

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  9. Study harder 用功點 harder 用功,努力 (比較級) 副詞修飾 Study or you can't catch up with other 否則跟不上別人 catch up 片語→ 趕上;追上

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  10. Paris Bennett - Caught Up 圖片參考:

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