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  1. ...hurry to do something 例1. They were hurrying to catch their train. •例2. Congress hurried to enact...bill. •例3. They hurried to end any conversation and get on their way.

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  2. ... have been taken ill,(passive only) become ill, catch an illness---I have been taken covid-19 and...quot;take"---a continuous tense---a progressive tense--going on without a break---eg:-You are taking a...

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  3. -meister源自德文,意思是某種行業的專家(master)或名人。用來形成複合字:KFC-meister。 如:funk-meister, gag-meister

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  5. .... 4. The company will only hire me on the [condition] that I sign a two-year contact. 5. ...whether] you like it or not. 9. [Had] the plane not caught fire, there would have been more survivors.

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  6. ..., every driver was trying so hard to catch / fight for passengers. Yet my plans were going to downtown by bus. On the road to find the bus station, I met a woman who...

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  7. ... her matches to the people who was still rushing on the street), but (only) being treated coldly or got a blind eye...

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  8. Q1: Yes. Q2: A [A是質問他為何沒出席今早會議,B回答是解釋"他需要帶女兒去看醫生,不是他請假"希望"帶女兒去看醫生"] Q3: A [那建議還未發生,因此一般會用that is a good idea來表達同意別人的提議。假如所...

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  9. ...we do not have a long stroll in Pinghsi, and again to catch the train to the very . One to ten, particularly large crowd... as well as Koreans come here to pilgrimage, on the very streets of the tracks, visitors...

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