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  1. Past tense of catch = caught eg:-thieves caught in the act =in the act of doing something wrong =eg:-Thieves caught in the act of stealing in Supermarkets!

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  2. ...一起是沒法聽出是眾數的s。 所以基本上所有s或接近s尾音的字都是加es. catches watches matches teaches bushes dishes ...

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  3. have : 已經(加過去分詞構成完成時態 ) catch on : 抓牢 not catch on : 抓不牢 have caught on : 已抓牢 have not caught catch +on 2010-02-18 10:19:59 補充: catch on 是 抓牢/理解/流行 catch up 是「追上...

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  4. ...find a cutie Shaymin sitting at the middle of the Paradise, catch it, it is at level 30. I love Shaymin too, I have one...

  5. In NDS,it is in Route 218(Poke Radar). Diamond and PEARL also can catch .

  6. Catch someone with his pants down (off) 1.- to make someone feel embarrassed...spent a lot of time preparing for the inspection; we didn't want to get caught with our pants down. 2. - to discover that someone is doing...

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  7. 用金手指:03007E28:0096——超夢 0097——夢幻 (綠寶石)

  8. carry /!kaeri/ verb----a disease. catch /k>:t/ verb------measles illness chase /tfeIs/ verb,noun------run to catch That is how you try to learn I.P.A.

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  9. No.491為官方發佈的精靈 想入手,可參考以下網頁。

  10. throw 係你既程式主動咁提出例外事件的發生 而 try.. catch 係當有例外發生時可以比你程式截住而做進一步既處理 如果冇try.. catch 而又發生例外情況下, 你個程式就會crash