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  1. Cartoon onon 你直接下面留言問我就好啦

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  2. ... what you are hearing. It is OK to watch cartoons . (Actually, they are the best.) Watch documentaries...

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  3. An artist, animations fanatic, super super love cartoons ; love coffee with three spoons of sugar; incredibly hate movie with a bad ...

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  4. 星際少年隊,日文原名《無人惑星サヴァイヴ》,是一部日本電視動畫,共52集,自2003年10月16日至2004年10月28日在NHK教育電視台首播。 該動畫在臺灣迪士尼頻道播出時譯作《星際少年隊》,與日本漫畫《E's》及《E's Otherwise》的中文譯名相同。

  5. Ans: B product comes in = product is available in 1.) ...comes in a plastic bottle / aerosol spray can / squeeze tube / tin can 2.) ...product comes in 6 different colors (不是你看不懂,是這問題不應該這樣問?)

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  6. Cartoons - Alehla 歌曲:Alehla 演出者: Cartoons 音樂專輯...

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  7. MIKA - Lollipop 收錄專輯:Life in Cartoon Motion 發行時間: 2007 年

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  8. ...的受詞: Not everyone knows why the mice stole three cartoons of milk. Not everyone knows how the classroom of the future will be set...

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