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  1. ...get easier than this because it's too much to bear my darling, the weight of the world, i would carry it for you, but please don't ask me to because the weight of the world...

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  2. ...皆並沒有產生預期中的明顯變化。 It might be due to the lighter weight carried on this study. We choose1.5 lb as the weight is because this study ...

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  3. 第一大題:2/4/5/8/7/6 第二大題:2/6/8/1/9/7/10/4/5

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  4. 一. 2.fake 二. 4.comfortable 三 6.advice 四 8.hang out 五 7.promised 六 5.suggested ---------------------------------- 一 2.encouraged 二 6.leisure 三 8.goals 四 1.competitive 五 9.dizzy 六 7.survey 七 10.rarely 八 4.honest 九 5.pouerd

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  5. ...last night and complained. Dude, I think you need to lose some weight if you want to keep your job. He told me that he will call it quit, and carry you no more unless you lose 100 pounds by next December. Hey...

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  6. ...時候我仍在尋覓自我,可是我卻不知道自己早已迷失了 I tried carrying the weight of the world 我試圖承載整個世界的重量 But I only have two ...

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  7. 隨身行李 經濟艙 7公斤 + 筆電包一件 有買托運行李15公斤 至多托運兩件且合併不得超出15公斤 2013-11-06 13:59:20 補充: 背包7公斤plus電腦3公斤可以10公斤

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  8. ...一切 I’ve got you 我擁有了你 This weight ’s too much alone 這份孤單的感覺實在太沉重了 Some... tomorrow’s too much 而來日方長 I’ll carry it all 我要佔有全部 I’ve got you 因為我...

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  9. .../her position is low, his/her words carry no weight .

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  10. 1. 眾人都看好Smith會贏得這場比賽,他將負載最重的重量參加該週的壓軸比賽。 2. 當Smith衝進惠斯勒峰的越野車墳場,群眾都鼓譟著、期待著他會在山腳下的終點出現。Smith以0.09秒的差距,打敗了Blenkinsop,重新奪回了加拿大公開下坡賽與...

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