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  1. ...for a year of assessment. tax A capital gains tax (abbreviated: CGT) is a tax charged on capital gains ...

  2. ...2) It is more complex of the tax cal. 3) Cancelled the sample tax of Hong Kong name! 4) Increase the accounting and auditing fee because need re-value the capital . Best regards, Samson So

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  3. 1. An example is capital gain tax . Hong Kong does not currently assess tax on profits (and...

  4. In HK, dividend income and capital gain are exempted from profits tax . However a gain on disposal of shares... of the recipient." Porfits tax is 16.5%

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  5. As long as you are not a US Resident / Citizen, you don't need to pay any tax to US Government even you gained $$$ from trading US Stocks in HK.

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  6. 1. 25% 2. Does not apply - Capital Gain Tax is usually calculated with a person's respective income tax rate...

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  7. ( 1 ) 。資本增益稅 ( 2 ) 。利得稅 ( 3 ) 。公司稅

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  8. 雖然香港無資產增值稅( capital gain tax ),但係當你做的投資次數頻繁,交易的性質又相近的話 2. Profits Tax - Badges of trade

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  9. ...interest and tax ). Profit before tax is clear about interest(Use...must be wrong.) In simple term, a capital reserve is normally's assets or from capital gain on disposal of capital assets while...

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  10. income=$1000X6%=$60 expense (income tax )=$60X40%=$24 so, net income=60-24=$36 this is the effective annual yield for year 1 to 9 only