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  1. 第二句比較不好而已 be in search of = search for 所以沒什麼差別 只是用 in search of 比較常用而已 Every year thousands of people flee the big cities (in order) to search for the rural idyll. 所以用分詞比較不好 它是有表目的性的 所以第二句不適合 第三句是可以的 但第一...

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  2. ... of life means" all fields or all areas" Online Cambridge American Dictionary : "When people talk about walks of life, they are ...

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  3. Basically, these two phrases are interchangeable. However, there are circumstances where one is used more often than the other. Here are the situations where “start off” is more commonly...

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  4. Cambridge Dictionary - 劍橋線上英英字典 http:// dictionary . cambridge .org/ Longman WebDictionary- 朗文線上英英...really. I think go to and clik " online " on the right hand side.

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  5. 你好,很高興為你解答: Tranexamic /trnekˈsmɪk/ 傳●內●客●史●密●克 acid /ˈs.ɪd/ 艾●西●得 Cambridge online dictionary

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  6. 實際上,叮蜇強度之所以會隨年齡而降低有可能是因為官感神經的敏銳度因年齡退化所致。 2006-04-28 23:53:06 補充: 樓下的,effectively 在這裡是 used when you describe what the real result of a situation is (參考 Cambridge online dictionary ).

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  7. ... searching the internet, this one looks very comprehensive. http:// dictionary . cambridge .org/default.asp?dict=I

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  8. ... Office to discuss the crisis. 遠東出版的1500頁英漢字典 CAMBRIDGE ONLINE DICTIONARY

  9. confident (adj)有信心的 兩種用法 be confident of N be confident that + 子句 confidence (n) 信心 三種用法 have confidence in 人 have confidence to V have confidence that + 子句 這幾種用法給你做參考

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  10. ...字典Chinese Characters Dictionary WebCambridge Dictionaries Online - Cambridge University Press線上英漢字典- English-Chinese...