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  1. ...只好白天睡覺,晚上工作。 12. 就...來說,關於 Philip is a doctor by profession . 菲力浦的職業是醫生。 13. (表連續或反復)逐個;逐批 The teacher ...

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  2. ... put the blame _on_ the manager. 4. My father is a teacher _ by _ profession . 5. The police charge him _with_ murder. 6. Reading newspapers...

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  3. I believe that you can make it simpler and more direct as follows: You will find out how our distinnguishing features make us different from other hotels.

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  4. The intentional termination of the life of one human being by another, mercy killing, is contrary to that for which the medical profession stands and is contrary to the policy of the American ...

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  5. You will understand personally and find out about the distinguishing differences of the service that we and the same profession provide.

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  6. .... We already the collection concerned of competitor this profession material. This method advantage is by the customer with family identity speech, compared with has the persuasive...

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  7. ...tour industry. However, exhibition industry is now jeopardised by lots of competitors in surroundings, limited space, loss of professions , inefficient transports system and insufficient political support.

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  8. 1. We can learn some terminologies (學術或專門用語) in the profession (專業). 2. By comparison (比較起來) with the majority (大多數/大多數人) in the industry, we can acquire...

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  9. 1. advice 2. bilingual 3 contents 4. discipline 5. elementary 6. institution 7. jargon 8. learn 9. native speaker 10. practice makes perfect 11. qualified 12. syllabus 13. tertiary education 14. university graduate 15. vocabulary

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  10. ...may study this profession the knowledge. I very want to understand that this domain the profession , and uses the application by reason of me to computer's specialised knowledge and the skill...

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