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  1. ... to presentation of a situation comedy presented by NBC is buying off -network syndication.

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  2. buying - make a purchase - spend money on something - acquire - pay money in consideration for something...

  3. 1. 成為......的股東 2) 買進產業 3 行賄 4)全部買下 5 現實的 6. 生動活潑的 7. 原來的 8. 現存的 9 之前的 10 有信心的 11.可擴張的 12 壯麗的 13 神奇的 14 可怕的 15 暗淡的

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  4. 龍翔中心頂頂果層(近傢俬店)有一間 你想要咩卡 我30% off 賣

  5. 1. Use 1:50 ratio of bleach with water, soak a kitchen paper tower with the mixture, and then stick on the wall. Wait for 10 minutes, and clean with a dry tower. Repeat if necessary. 2. Use normal white glue (白膠漿), apply with a tooth stick. clean with a wet tower for excess glue.

  6. ... : The price now is a bit high cause those retailer need to get off those outdated version of Office 2007 on hand cause Office...

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  7. ...line ic curve 不會shift 左 or right 要計埋 income effect 至可以知 better off 定 worse off , 基本上兩個情況都有可能,所以是 false.

  8. 我響吉之島見過好得意的輕鬆小熊警報器 一有危險拉個掣會響到超大聲

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  9. Disney cast member can let 3 people in to the park everyday (except peak day - usually Sat & Sun) Until the end of this year. They also have cast member discount to buy the park ticket at 10% off everyday can buy 5 tickets.

  10. ...if they promote 50% off , there will be no arguement that their profit will be 50% off . what if just " buy -one-get-one-free" ? 50% customers are in old no (33.3% off only...

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