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  1. solicit business 並不是企業的類別, 而是一般商用敘述用語, 意為招徠生意, 爭取生意的成交. Be careful of whom you solicit business from. 要提防你招攬生意的對象. 2008-09-21 23:40:13 補充: 當然, solicit business ...

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  2. vision 在這裏是:遠見 business as usual 是常用說法:照常營業 合起來當作形容詞, 整個片語:照常營業的遠見...

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  3. ...以刺激消費, 政府也會增加公共建設支出以減少失業率 這些政策是可用來減緩 business cycles 的波動 希望對你有幫助!

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  4. --- Business as usual=a way of saying that things will continue as normal despite a difficult situation in Washington. ---"with" is a preposition.

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  5., we have to consider author's perspective at that moment. A-Level Business Studies Here, return means profit, which is annual net...

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  6. knowledge-intensive business 似乎沒有比較精準簡明的說法, 只能隨俗稱之為"知識密集事業 (或產業)" 就像 "勞力密集事業" (labour-intensive business ) 與 "資本密集事業" (capital-intensive business ) 等一樣, 直接翻譯, 看起來確實怪怪的

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  7. business propositions的中文 : ...譯成 企劃提案...好像蠻順的 ^^

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  8. Acurally, you can go to Goolge and type business ethic and social responsibility. There are a lot of information that you can...

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  9. 因為她擁有這樣的商業觸覺,她得以重拾對公司的控制。

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  10. The highest possible achievement for a successful going-concern is to procure the right goods with the right quality, in the right quantity, from the right supplier, and deliver it to the right customer at the right time. P.S. "going-concern" 是專業用語," procure" 也...

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