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  1. 浮力 英語: buoyancy 物理學名詞。一般指物體浸泡(包含)在液體或氣體中產生的托力。船能在水面...

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  2. buoyancy .htm http://www.phy.ntnu...

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  3. Coefficients C in Eq. (4) physically represent the levels at the zero buoyancy conditions while and remain finite. 在方程式(4)的係數C, 物理上代表著零浮力狀況時的水準,同時維持在(數學上)有限的。

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  4. 在物理上浮力的英文是 buoyancy 還是 flotage答:你如果仔細想一下,物理上浮力的代號是 「B」,也就是 Buoyancy .註:buoy 就是 浮在海上的那些浮標。

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  5. Per your request. Hot air accelerates upwards by the buoyancy force and the stack effect, generating electricity through a wind turbine in the base of the chimney.

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  6. ...強制壓迫空氣通過此塔。 Natural-draft cooling towers use the buoyancy of the exhaust air rising in a tall chimney to provide the draft. 自然牽引的...

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  7. By using translucent housings, air is heated by absorbing the radiation from the sun. The hot air will float up under buoyancy and chimney effect. A wind turbine under the chimney will be turned to produce electricity.

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  8. ...the procedure devised to identify the heat transfer levels at the zero- buoyancy conditions as demonstrated in Fig. 6a is ...

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  9. ...) 呼吸管(Snorkel) 潛水衣 wet suit or dry suit 浮力調整裝置 Buoyancy compensator device(BCD) 調節器(Regulator) 潛水儀表(Dive...

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  10. ...surface integrals for checking the Archimedes’ law of buoyancy ) 2015-07-04 10:08:34 補充: 我的直覺..其實,天助大師已經有解答了..(難道不...

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