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  1. ... place in the national freeway, this morning was bulldozed a road significantly, enabling many citizens...scandal of the police force in Taichung came into news. Just after the controversial Ma-jiang...

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  2. 你翻譯的不錯呀 而且理解的也沒錯 的確是 焚燒屍體 因為計程車裡的屍體發出惡臭 當地人受不了 而且又沒有垃圾車來處理 所以附近的人就連車帶屍一起燒 至於那個廣場 我想翻譯為 戰神廣場 是可以的 法國巴黎也有個同名的廣場 參考資料如下

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  3. ... saved one and two at a time by bulldozing the grocer and the vegetable man and the butcher until one&...squad. In the vestibule below was a letter-box into which no letter would go, and an electric button from which no...

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