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  1. give a brief introduction 例如: I'll give a brief introduction. Please give a brief introduction.

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  2. The brief introduction of myself My name is OOO, I was...

  3. ..failure to brief each other continuall(y) would lead to disaster..(如)無法對彼此間持續扼要說明,將導致嚴重後果。failure  失敗於..,可譯成『無法』。disaster 災難、不幸、徹底的失敗,中文可譯為『嚴重後果』。

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  4. 英: Brief Encounter, Profound Imprint 日: 短い会う、深い印象 韓: 짧은 만나는 깊은 낙인

  5. The object of the verb is a that-clause. That is often ommitted, except after more formal verbs (eg: decide, intend.) Paul knows-------subject + vt (that) his colleagues (b) are busy,----dependent noun clause that is used to make the...

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  6. A brief intorduction about (或是Topic on) the recognition of modern China in mainland people's point of view

  7. She gave him a factual account of the chronology of her brief liaison. 她給他一個載有她簡短往來資料的實際帳戶。 這樣翻才對,翻譯最忌諱被文字順序牽著走,要以生活資訊為依據,翻出全句的真義。 希望幫到你

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  8. ----The brief summary On The innovation-partner of Crowd----- Top Coder Co. explained that 122 successful programmings were solved by intriguing crowd.

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  9. 1. briefing :簡介;2. SWOT analysis:市場定位策略分析(Strength...

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  10. ... on your freedom! (O) Congratulations on your brief freedom! (O) Congratulations on your 4-hour freedom from...

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