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  1. ...在使用遊戲代幣的賭場,專司將實體鈔票換成代幣者。 監賭人/Pit Boss :賭場負責人 想了解更多遊戲資訊,快快點選下面網址...

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  2. ... character is Bob Cratchit. Since even his boss Ebenzer Scrooge was nasty to him, he still ...

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  3. ...on ordinary shares.We have received a demand from our Boss to open up the stock market dealing with 10M shares in the...

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  4. ... 用法 :- eg. I hate bargaining with my boss . However, as the representative of the team, I have to pay my...

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  5. Boss , I will need to take a day off on 1/24 to take the Insurance(2) license exam. I will also arrange my delegation accordingly. Thanks, Princess

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  6. My bossy boss likes to play a playful play named 'Barber Shop' and a sporty sport called foosball but she always lost fast, fast, fast!

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  7. have been having a bitch about their female boss who always complain in a sour,spiteful惡意的 way.

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  8. MBA, Chloe Mills has only one problem: her boss , Bennett Ryan. He's exacting, blunt, inconsiderate...

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  9. the dog or the cat have been eaten by our Bosses ' kitchen !

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