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  1. pure mage(f2p)最好當然係用fire blast 啦,最多可以打16,不過使用既rune就多d,閣下可以參考下面既資料,決定用...rune*4, air rune*3/4, death rune*1,magic lvl 53可以使用,max hit 15 Water blast : water rune*3, air rune*3, death rune*1,magic lvl 47可以使用,max hit 14 *所有spell...

  2. ..., so the javelins are naturally not as impressive. The Blast Impulse comes with two disconnected javelins and...

  3. 按中間粒黃色兩次, 跟住再按佢上面個粒紅色

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  4. 市面其實都已經冇乜貨Lu~ 個價就比以前升左小小~

  5. 圖片參考: blast /blog/145475751460ed.jpg 囧 我覺得實琴(明顯的是最右)穿起來...笑) 圖片參考: blast /blog/14548762d11048.jpg 所謂的幕後魔王(?) 最右邊那個傢伙...

  6. "of blasting " follows "the luxury of". It is a joining... up on the banking industry. We can't afford the luxury of blasting it to smithereens. Because the second sentence follows immediately...

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  7. can u give me your e-mail so that i can send it to u?

  8. Sand- Blasting is produced by spraying sand at high velocities over... for protection. The depth and degree of the translucency of the sand- blasted finishing vary with the force and type of sand used. Sand- blasted ...

    分類:科學及數學 > 工程學 2006年11月07日

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  10. Extreme Blast Mode版有光之翼, effect parts, 電鍍關節等, 你可到這兩個網頁看看和比較 普通版: Extreme Blast Mode版:

  1. blasting 相關