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  1. ...例2. Congress hurried to enact a $268 billion highways bill . •例3. They hurried to end any conversation and get on their...

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  2. As for the bill of lading,we have to wait for the final clearance which we will submit to you.later. Please wait.Thanks.

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  3. ...就to go 如果你想跟他說直接在櫃台結帳,你可以說,can I pay my bill at the counter? YouTube樂學英文坊 (更多美國生活英文視頻)

  4. Greece of giving tip. So, I just paid the bill and left. Returning to Taiwan afterward, I felt so guilty...

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  5. Please assist to amend the bill of lading as below. 1) Correct: XXX, but not : XXX... filled are incorrect. Beside, the product name on the bill of lading INVOICE was wrong also. So kindly please help...

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  6. ...’s it, thanks. (英語慣用語). 店員:這樣總共 210 The bill (that) is two hundred and ten. C:ok Ok. 店員:請找位子坐...

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  7. 在英國,沒有一個法案 可以 沒有她的簽署 就可以 生效成法律的 連在澳洲 要是她想要的話 她都可以把全部政府官員 解職. 原句 是有些錯誤.

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  8. 1. The billing period is not from the 1st of the month through the end of the month. 2. You have a half month rent due.

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