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  1. (A) be subject to (B) be subjected to  通常的使用狀況的差別是: (B...或事物) 2. 有被逼迫(不願意)的意思. 例如說: i. All incomes are subject to taxations. ii. All immigrants are ...

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  2. ...put on a lot of weight, -----adjective clause after a noun, (D) used to be thin -------another adj phrase after the noun "Oliver" by function. which...

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  3. 本句為標準假設句且與現在事實相反,為何不能用if 因為欠缺動詞,所以本句還原為?if you were at home,you could open the door for me.另可改成動詞提前。 were you at home,you could open the door for me.亦可

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  4. Haven't you asked this question before? S+Vt+O(to be )+OC(n. adj) I consider you to be my best friend. (n.) I consider you to be responsible. (adj.)

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  5. You are asking about the method of reciting a single word(vocabulary), Each...vocabulary and even knowledge How to make every word in a book liking to be impressive knowledge to be always remembered? How to turn a recited...

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  6. 1,Need助動詞其後加原形動詞 2,stuff (which當with後受詞,其後接関係子句修飾先行詞stuff,然用that也可以)many of us are familiar with.

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  7. https://youtu. be /XgbAwLv8dgQ https://youtu. be /ZIFPeQWFTRo 看看他們也...

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  8. A business-related context must be created here. Must be a five-person dialogue About...trick them much Buz. E:-Set up in much profit A:- Are you all set up? B:-China likes our Pineapple...

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  9. 十八羅漢 BE %85%E6%BC%A2 佛經只有列出十六羅漢,並無十八羅漢

  10. ...片語 ~ adverb phrase for reason):     The man sued the company having been dismissed illegally. 或 Having been dismissed illegally...

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