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  1. ...of words between the many attacks and ironic words, she became weary and refused to communicate with people, just like getting locked in the room. 參考資料:

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  2. many secrets, lies, and weary . Therefore, the marriage became just like black clouds gathered...other, just so-called love each other to get along with easily difficult. 2006-11-28 06:31...

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  3. You have to get into the habit of using a dictionary to find the exactly meaning of words. Breaking up and retranslating the sentences, I will be back within the due day. Good luck!!

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  4. 在小說Wild?Jack 的電話倫敦描述雪sledding 狗在一白色snowfield 。這本小說談論dog?Buck?who 住在溫暖的加利福尼亞和有容易的生活但由一個gardener!.s 幫手賣了對一位拍賣人從阿拉斯加。大型裝配架遭受了hunger?was 被迫做嚴厲work?and 由多數所有者窮地...

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  5. 順利地度過第一年 ~ 希望這是一個好的開始﹗ 此外未來將會有無數個值得紀念的週年紀念日﹗ 很抱歉的是,給你製造許多麻煩... 此外感謝你,很為我鼓勵,給我安慰,以及信任﹗ 這一年的前半年你成為了一個軍人,在一起的時間可能很少, 因此我們之間的爭執也很少﹗ 在你退伍之後...

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