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  1. ... success is his hard work. 他成功的根本原因是他工作努力 basic 基礎的,基本的;初步的[(+to)] These poor people lack the basic necessities...

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  2. 你可以買一本grammer 書..由低級的重新開始,別認為它簡但....因為這是基礎!所謂仗高樓從地起! 你也可以選補一些文法基礎班的補習堂,相信對你有幫助! 如嫌麻煩,以下有兩個網址,下面是基礎文法的知識,有中文解釋,相信對你有幫助!

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  3. A) "Because of....+ so....." is impossible? When you are using “Because of”, you have already started a sentence with a “because/so” structure, that is, a conditional sentence. In this case the “so&rdquo...

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  4. 1.I forgot to ask you what is the size of the dress.(Wrong!) 2.I forgot to ask you what the size of the dress is.(Correct!) My English teacher said we can use "I forgot to ask you what the size of the dress...

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  5. children should take half the adult does 1. You are correct. But it is better to interpret it as Children should take half ( the portion that ) the adult does. or Children should take half ( what ) the adult does.

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2012年09月11日

  6. topic sentence= 每一段的主題句, 是一段內容的重點提示句。可作為介紹文章其中 一個重點的引言。 main ideas=全篇文章重點, 例如贊成或反對某事的重要理據。

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  7. An Ben Chang Dang Er Fa Gui Hu Ju Ku Liang Ming Na Ou Pan Qi Ruo Suo Tong Wang Xuan Yu Zeng 23

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  8. 1. Which elements above must exist to make a sentence? 答: "Subject"、"Verb" and "Object" 2. In what order are the elements above arranged in a sentence? 答: S+V+O , Subject...

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  9. 1. C Opportunity cost of going to Japan is (the value of) going to Korea A - Amy cannot avoid the impact of an increase in air passenger departure tax if she decides to go on the trip. No change (offset) in the opportunity...

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  10. 視乎當時的tense。 I have two eggs for his breakfast everyday, I also drink a cup of milk. In the past he had a bad habit of smoking, he also drank alcohol everyday.

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