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  1. Install後... 設定-> Barrel (係Safari下面)->Mode->揀你鐘意既mode kick左佢! 之後禁返去功能畫面拉頁就見到效果架喇:)

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  2. press "manage"button in cydia, then press"sources"button,press"edit",put in source:"",then use search to find the package you want,you will see two same packages,one with the picture of an"X"inside,then wait,finish!

  3. Shit 這個字(也是糞便的意思)比較粗俗,你可以將 "恭桶" 譯做 Excrement Barrel 。

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  4. ... tanks and the 6L and 4L barrels be A, B, C, D respectively. ...i.e., 2L of water is poured from barrel C, Water content in: A = 13L...

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  5. PART 1: to calculate the PRACTICAL length of barrel where the bullet occupies as the trace of the water bullet... 2: to calculate the MINIMUM value of length of barrel where the bullet can be accelerate in order to be ejected...

  6. 1) A barrel contains 10L wine, 6% of which is alcohol. If 2L... 2 L of wine is poured out, the volume of wine left in the barrel is : 10 L – 2 L = 8 L The volume of alcohol...

  7. Regarding the lack of 17 PCS, I would like to ask whether you could provide the extra BARRELS ? ?Is it possible if the BARRELS can send together with the 5000PACS BARRELS next time?

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  8. 1 barrel = 163.659 24 liter = 36 gallon

  9. Cydia > Barrel > Settings > Barrel > Curl and Roll Away

  10. Say the barrel of 6L as A, the barrel of 4L as B, while the tanks...

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