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  2. ...-DM請見: bargain /8780/phpiAwGFN.jpg 2009-07-25 15:21:05 補充: 飛利浦家電特賣會 飛利浦...

  3. 沒有聽說過購物節 但是大拍賣一年有兩次 夏季的7/1以及冬季新年的初賣1/2(大部分元旦休息) 以下網址供你參考 每個百貨公司的折扣期以及營業時間都很詳細 bargain /kanto/

  4. ...39;ll get you another size 6.this is a special design 7.this is a good bargain 8.hold on please 9.wish you have a good time 10.happy shopping

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  6. Maybe you can say "no haggle" "This is least price" yet she may confuse with list price "This is lowest price I can offer" " no bargain " Just for reference only.

  7. bargain /10043/phptj6dop.jpg 在這裡~~ 看dm感覺鞋子很漂亮耶 可惜太遠了...不然一定去!!

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