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  1. The pylon is a tall framework of steel bars used for supporting wires that carry electricity over land , but with minecraft underground as teaching material sample.

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  2. post(s):n.[C] <釋義> 崗位;哨所;站;(軍隊的)駐紮地;兵營;駐紮部隊 # “all guard posts”:所有警衛哨所

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  3. We've come too far to give up who we are • 我們走的太遠以致放棄了自己 (X) • 一路走來太過漫長以致我們無法改變自己 (O) 下面這3句的意思,都是"回不了頭" have come to far to look back have come to far to turn around have come to far to turn back 下面這句話是說,"到此...

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  4. No, and it is about the logic of the meaning. [原句] The purpose of packing the street is looking for fun. 擠滿街道的目的是為了尋找樂趣。 and (with) people looking for fun packing the streets 為了擠滿街道, 而去尋找樂趣...

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  5. ...toothpaste = 一條牙膏(裝在一個管狀容器裡) a tube of moisturizer =一條潤滑膏 a bar of chocolate = 一塊巧克力(一巧克力為不可數的物質名詞,要用形狀或容量來計量...

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  6. ...threadfin 香煎香魚飯Sweet fish 香煎鯖魚Mackerel 香煎土魠魚飯 Barred Spanish mackerel 香煎旗魚飯Swordfish 香煎鬼頭刀魚飯...

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  7. state of being balanced; maintain one's equilibrium scale in equilibrium about 0.1 bar (e)/0.01 MPa(e)/1.5 psig. 對垂量,平衡,均衡,均勢的閱謮.

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  8. ...製備的光學圖像, (b)和(c)即以單光子和雙光子為樣本。 The scale bars are 10 µm. The stars indicate where the Raman...

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