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  1. Banquet tables usually include round tables, square tables and oblong.... In public gatherings, social gatherings and banquets , Korean gentlemen used to sit on the right and ladies...

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  2. 1. banquet 宴會 e.g. a wedding banquet 一個婚宴 2.resemblance 相似;相貌相似 e.g...

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  3. Yes. You can refer to position like Event Planner(manager), Food and Beverage manager. Most company will required candidates to have degree or diploma on Hospitality, Hotel Management or...

  4. 1/ 大部份酒店都會有 (function room),給人租用,視乎你的人數及budget,但因你要兩日,可能因為裝飾不能移除的問題,其他時間酒店不能租出,會收得比較貴,徐非你用完第一天後移除,第二天再裝過! 2/ 選酒店可考慮,近公司,交通要方便來賓,酒店是否有飲品提供,等,等! 3/ 裝飾方面,如果你...

  5. 試說明和簡單介紹為何在香港不同的地方能組織會議和宴會項目。

  6. Wedding Banquet = 婚宴 Since I have to attend my friend's wedding banquet , I'm sorry I couldn't have dinner with you (on that day).

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  7. ...describe the Bar. Also, the phrase try to zoom out from the bar to the Banquet Hall Yodo, but the "with a spectacular night view" in the middle...

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  8. 1. Banquet 2. Roasted Pig ( 一定要用Roasted, 因為隻豬係被燒, 佢唔會自己燒, 所以就要架 "ed' ) 3. Incense 4. Red packet 希望幫到你啦

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  9. 可統稱 banquet staffs. 或男既叫 waiter / 女既叫 waitress. 至於帶位,叫 hostress. 或叫 receptionist. 視乎佢既職能而定.

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  10. .... As you have confirmed the day for your banquet , I am sure you have got the good date already. To be honest...

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