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  2. ... banker or the shipping company will not accept your request for bank guarantee with a very simple letter unless you can provide the two formal guarantee documents...

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  3. ..." product. Because of that, they are not able get guarantees from the banks and that will delay when they can clear their order from the storage which in turn...

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  4. 唔用google,咁用翻譯年糕得唔得?

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  5. 例如, 如果企業通常有關於$一百萬在可接收, 銀行隨時會允許貸款由$800000 決定。這個安排會是明顯地較不笨重和較不昂貴執行, 特別如果很多小價值應收是包含的。所以, 如果銀行行使最小的監督在帳戶(而不是非常嚴密的監督), 這會是標誌, 銀行認為顧客一種好整體風險

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  6. ... Sales Company which can guarantee service to your full satisfaction. If you ... approved via telephone by your bank . However I received my ...

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  7. ... completely. In consequence, the long-term and healthy development of banking industry and financial market in China can be guaranteed .

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  8. ... the only catalogue sales company who can guarantee your full satisfaction. If you are not... of them were approved by the bank through telephone. When I received ...

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  9.'s fans have their own open a bank account, let the fans have to wire accounts...integrity, the trust of Chinese fans, and do not guarantee absolute corruption! This point is very important...

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  10. ... the only catalogue sales company that guarantees your full satisfaction. If you are not... telephone approval granted (can cut out) by the bank . When I received my last statement...

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