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  1. 在美國用 auto repair shop , body shop , and car repair shop 沒有人用"studio"這個詞!! 2005-08-18 22:33...quot;Studio", labor related field usually uses the word " shop "

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  2. ... on insurers and their close collaborators, auto repair shops , and currently received one-third of its total revenue, around...

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  3. ... that the prosecutor and the police could cite the person in charge in the auto - repair shop by checking the damage of the cars. If there are video...

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  4. 企業因著 著重經營汽車保險, 與相關業務如汽車維修 而成長, 1/3的營收 (相當於3 billion 美金)都來自於美國的保險業者.

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  5. 翻譯: 使不合法為了承保人能提供刺激或提供報償給人作为獎勵為把被保險人介绍给一個自動身體维修车间承保人維護所有者权益。

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  6. ... they arrived at Joe's Auto Repair , the mechanic told Amy that it would...time, she finally decided to sell it to the shop . After further negotiation of the price, the...

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