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  1. Sincere friendship diu you. S=the shape of a GF's body;she has a sexy figure, sexually attractive by watching, staying thin, be careful not to get fat d=diu.

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  2. 我們之前一直都有很好的景 他們給這嬰兒取名字了嗎? 讓人驚訝的是我們的計畫是如此吸引人

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  3. on that trip, and those pictures of the temples were really attractive to me at that time. I arrived at Yogyakarta in the...

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  4. ...] [object] = one [pronoun] [object complement] = [adjective phrase] more or less attractive to others. more or less = [adverb phrase] modifying ' attractive "...

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  5. (11)B (12)D (13)D (14)A (15)A (16)A (17)D (18)B things such as chairs needed plural in nos. (19)C promptly (20)B before

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  6. ...a word or idea has a ring to it, it sounds interesting or attractive 2.) buzzy ,buzz 的形容詞...

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  7. ...have the experience of live, they exude wisdom and charming , this is a very attractive They have something that I don't have in my age Mature...

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  8. ... so bored and tired already. (X) Is this game so attractive , really? I've felt so sick and tired already. Is this...

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