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  1. 原味的英文是 original taste; original flavor 等待的英文是 to wait 習慣的英文是 to be used to; to get used to assuetude habit 2006-09-15 01:46:45 補充: 原味英文單字是nature等待的英文單字是 wait 動詞

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  2. chracter impressed me of this class. And I hope the assuetude will be continued.

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  3. ...html 減碳生活習慣檢視卡 assuetude .jpg  二氧化碳資訊站

  4. ...the origin of where they came from, they carried all different eatting- assuetudes , and indeed the food-memory they have brought from their home townm. ...

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  5. 你是說背景底(按鈕)是白色的 還是字是白色的? 背景底(按鈕)改顏色: input{background:#------;} #後面要填色碼 例如#FF6699 可愛精緻色碼表 2007-12-19 18:05:14 補充: 你改改看背景底(按鈕)的顏色 改了之後 就算字是白色的 一樣看的到 因為按鈕顏色改成...

  6. ㄜ....文法基本上全錯,以下是我盡力幫你改的版本 I often save money, although I am not economically pressured nor I have the habit of over spending. However, if the item really attracts me, I usually end up buying that particular...

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