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  1. Assault 侵犯 bribery 受賄 drug abduction 吸毒成癮者 fraud 欺騙 gunrunning 軍火走私 homicide 殺人 kidnapping 拐騙 prostitution 賣淫 robbery 搶掠 vandalism 故意破壞藝術的行為 violence 暴力

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  2. Indecent assault is illegal and is a criminal offence.係咪解非禮是非法行為,屬刑事罪行 唔好意思 我開唔到阿!!

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  3. Offence against the person Assault · Battery False imprisonment · Kidnapping Mayhem ·...

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  4. ... sexually assualted boys. 以下是兩則參考,關係性侵犯 Sexual assault From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to...

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  5. General term It can bring a new assault for...... ( english sentences's structure is always the opposite of chinese) Other ways to use bring a new assault

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  6. ... a week pass without another terrible case of child neglect, cruelty or sexual assault coming to public attention. 差不多沒有一個星期是沒有發生兒童被疏忽照顧...

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  7. ...also in tirinhas. To put the oil in a big frying pan and to assault a little the pricked onions. To add the rice, the strips...

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  8. ...and other Allies. British and Canadian troops would assault the areas code-named "Gold", "...

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  9. ...rapist is armed, try to talk him out of continuing the assault , or try passive resistance, such as pretending to faint, vomit, ... www.arc....

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  10. アサルト = assault = 突擊 ライフル = rifle = 步槍 圖片參考:

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