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  1. 6a-2,3a,a+2 are in arithmetic progression A-------a+1 B-------0 利用等差中項求解: a,b,c 為等差數列 則a+c=2b 所以 (6a-2)+(a+2)=2(3a) 7a=6a a=0 so: A=1 B=0

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  2. ...agm9.jpg 參考資料: my maths knowledge + Arithmetic _ progression #Product +

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  3. ......) the nth year => 55.89*(1.03)^(n-1), which forms a geometric progression . (b) By the formula we just obtained from (a), the cost of the policy...

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  4. 等差數列 (A.P.) arithmetic progression 等差級數 (A.S.) arithmetic series 等比數列 (G.P.) geometric progression 等比級數 (G.S.) grometeic series 2009-03-26 19:01:41 補充: geometric series

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  5. 如果你說的是A.P.的話,應是 Arithmetic Progression ; 但正確中文應是等差級數(又稱算數級數)亦稱為 Arithmetic Series...

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