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  1. 1.付出得越少收穫得越少這是必然的 2.游泳是一種比走路更激烈的活動 3.已經付出無數的努力去改善空氣污染防治法 4.建築師的工作就是設計具實用性及美觀的建築物 5.理解不是合作的首要條件

  2.’s architectural and decorative-arts styles not only in interior, architecture , and art but also in useful objects in our daily life. 2007-03-26 01:34:59 補充: 有些地方我不懂你的意思,所以沒有更改

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  3. ... problems: isn’t reproduceD. The architect often uses a pencil to describe the shape of a tall building when he...

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  4. ...that time management is very crucial so I have a good ability to schedule a daily routine. 2011-04-08 14:09:29 補充: 請給電郵~我寄全文過去