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  1. 1.我昨天去看了一個展覽 Yesterday I went to see a display. 2.有關於建築設計的展覽 Concerns for the architectural design display. 3.我最喜愛的建築師 I most like architect . 或 I love architect .

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  2. 1.The deadline dates for the construction ________ by the architect . (a) have been changed dateS => 很多數 2.I wouldn...

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  3. ... postgraduate program. Miss Wang was a student in my Architecture class (----). ---------Miss Wang was an outstanding student...

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  4. It so happens that I m an artist myself, not a great ( architect ), just in (the ) same league as da Vinci and Michelangelo. ...

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  5. ...設計 Judy designed a painting, winning the contect. Architects was designing the building. 5.Website-網站 ...

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  6. 「建築師事務所及住宅設計」 英文: Architect office and residential design 日文:建築士事務所及び住宅設計 (けんちくし じむしょ および じゅうたく せっけい)

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  7. To name a few disc jockey veterinarian accountant actor/actress repairman architect auto mechanic aviation mechanic sales representative model musician retail clerk security...

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  8. I'm an__ .What about you? I'm a doctor. I work in a hospital in Seattle. 虛線那ㄍ是要填1. architect 2.singer 3.California 選 1 因為你用 AN 所以後面是跟著以母音開頭的名詞 只有 1 是 母音開頭

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  9. 可否把整篇列出來這樣才好翻譯? 2007-05-17 03:32:18 補充: A/E可做Account Executive(業務)或 Architect /Engineer(建築師加工程師)的縮寫 RE可做Real Estate(房地產)的翻譯

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  10. ...say that Mr. Brown and Mr. Rudd are key architects among the key architects of the new world orde under the G20 framework...

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