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  1. I=1,V=5 X=10,L=50,C=100,D=500,M=1000 MCCXXXV=1000+200+30+5=1235 DCCCLXXIII=500+300+50+20+3=873 CMLXXVIII=900(M-C)+70+8=978 DIII=500+3=503 ICCLXVII=199(CC-I)+50+10+7=276

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  2. ...) 中國數字(小寫) Chinese numerials (normal) 阿拉百數字 Arabic numerals

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  3. The system is the same, and they should have gone metric as well, in line with global trends. They use Arabic numerals , I am afraid. 圖片參考:

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  4. Check here Arabic _ numerals

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  5. ... used centuries before the adoption of the written Arabic numerals system and are still used by some merchants, fishermen...

  6. ...for hand and electronic computation) were made possible by the introduction of Arabic numerals and decimal place notation for numbers. Although it is now...

  7. use centuries before the adoption of the written Hindu- Arabic numeral system and is still widely used by merchants and clerks...

  8. ...100% ionic. Oxidation states are represented by Arabic numerals and can be positive, negative, or zero. Thus, H+ would have an oxidation state...

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