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  1. ... recommendation A more concise and direct way of writing the sentence : I have attached...reference). Also, all the items have been approved by my acting head, Lily.

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  2. ...can work towards these goals, you'll become (an all) round and versatitle (and approving ) student(s) instead of (just) being a bookworm (who likes reading very much.)

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2016年11月06日

  3. ...:-Turning 50 aged is a time to take stock of your life SB'S STOCK IS ...得到部長政府批淮. eg:-Subject to your approval.(=if you approve )只要你同意.

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  4. ...when necessary. It is why you need to use an approved lock if you want to lock. In the reality, locking...impact to baggage thieves, as it turns out many of the thieves caught work in the airport security...

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  5. were unable to demonstrate your exact purpose of visit during last interview. The only thing you can will be notified for the decision. If approved , you will be asked to provide your passport and...

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  6. ...scene(20 words):- Near the ending of story,when Rip awakes and goes to... River They are both approved adventure story in time-honoured way. (7)...

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  7. ...person-in-charge of the Preparatory Committee of the ABC Camp. I take an important role in...是信中的要點; 你的上司需要知道這日期,才决定 approve 你 or not! 所以,我幫你加上這兩點!]

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2015年07月02日

  8. ...right, or suitable 贊成﹐同意 (examples from Oxford dictionary) - approve of something - approve of somebody doing somehing 例:She doesn't approve ...

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  9. Due to the earlier BOC credit card not approved , we willapply for HSBC credit card. The following is a type of credit card, please letus know see discussion using which of the ...