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  1. Here is a question that I'd appreciate you for clarifying. Is your company(the Citibank) the custodian bank of this foreign exchange broker? Do you receive the brokerage business of the foreign exchange broker?

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  2. 我認為台灣學生的托福成績的確是相當低的,最新的統計資料顯示我國學生托福成績在全球百餘國中排名倒數十八。 亞洲國家排名第一名是新加坡,平均兩百五十二分,香港平均兩百一十六分,南韓、中國都是兩百一十三分,台灣和澳門、寮國並列亞洲國家排名倒數第六,而且我國托福...

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  3. He is ANGRY. 答: 這是正常的語調。重音在句尾。 He IS angry. 這是強調is的情況,明確表示他angry的時間是is,不是was等等。 有一本書,外文系的一年級生常用來認識語調的書。叫English Tone and Tune。應該可解決你的問題...

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  4. ...but I can not .Would you mind taking it for me ? 這地方用get。你後面用get前面就用get. get比take.... A:Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help. 英文要再用功

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  5. Thanks for your quick reply, as well as the opportunity to offer our bid. ...most affordable cost possible is our top priority. We very much appreciate your assistance. Best regards,

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  6. ... for us to pratice with. I wish there can be more examples for us to practice. Finally, I really appreciate that teacher 33 can taught us through this course. This course...

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  7. see the exhibitions. These activities make me appreciate the humanities. It is my pleasure to have a chance to study at...

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  8. 我第一次考托福也是拿到這個作文題目野 criterion跟實際CBT差不了多少 我想你寫的不錯 但我也是寫四段,字數比你還少,也有6分... 滿好發揮的,我覺得你的用字可以再加幾個艱深的單字 重複的話不要一直寫 第一段跟最後一段不要照抄的太明顯,最後一段或第一段可以加個倒裝句...

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  9. ... myself up and spending more time with people are very important for me to learn. Being a responsible and enthusiastic person, I like to help...

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  10. can abtain all needed information faster as a teacher. I shall appreciate it very much for your help.

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