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  1. 1.cover letter所應該寫的要點是:指出求職者正面的特點適應職缺的需求與對公司的聊解.雖然可以引用求職者謙虛向上的態度,虛無的詞語卻是人云亦云,毫無建樹可言.只有反效果. 2.5年之後,你看出XX事業沒有前途?到不如說你被YY事業的...

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  2. causing in the class but I am confident that the teacher will appreciate my paying attention to what you are teaching and would not...

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  3. ... (unacceptable) service from us. If possible, I (would) appreciate if you could please (forward) me the (number) of the flight you were...

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  4. ... families' wedding. Your approval will be very appreciated and thankful! Respectfully XXX P.S. 你們️追捧...

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  5. “Pixie-haired gorgeous girl dislikes authority and can’t help but fall for a boy she knows is trouble. It’s your autobiography, so far as I can tell." = (a) short-haired beautiful girl hates those who like to give orders or enforce power. She can...

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  6. (1)regarding, (2)sorry, (3)unacceptable, (4)would, (5)forward, (6)details, (7)can, (8)issues, (9)raised, (10) reply.

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  7. ... people get understandably too immersed in total solutions to appreciate the small steps that represent small victories

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  8. ...10:48:16 補充: Thanks ever so much for your help. I deeply appreciate it.

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  9. ...on this. As I am not always available on phone, I would appreciate if you could contact me through e-mail. Thank you. with best...

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  10. 咁答, 係文法 tense 係無問題, 不過唔夠禮貌, 程度上都較幼稚. 應該要講 " thanks for giving me this opportunity, i am appreciate to join your company.

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