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  1. 外搽法    使用止汗露來收斂幹燥,避免汗液過多,或者使用香水,用濃烈芳香掩蓋狐臭氣息。專家說,幾乎所有狐臭患者都用過這種辦法,使用壹些具有止汗、抗菌作用的藥物,達到改善異味濃度的作用。    優缺點:雖然使用方便,但效果不是很好,作用輕微,僅僅這合氣味不濃烈...

  2. ...worry about me. I know how to take care of myself really. So appreciated to see you having your own happiness. It made me...

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  3. ...沒有直接交易的可能,最好不要批評或是贊賞. 最好的回應方式是: We highly appreciate the quality of your samples. However, they do not match ...

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  4. 假如是一個好久未聯絡或是住得很遠的朋友 It is great you remember me. Wonderful to hear from you. 假如是日常朋友: You have a great day, too. I am wonderful and appreciate your message.

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  5. 1. Can you appreciate graffiti or do you think it is vandalism? elaborate. 或是: 1. Can you...

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  6. ... form for our reference. Your cooperation is deeply appreciated .

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  7. 「請您儘快回覆。」 (前文應該提到某人,要翻譯最好別切掉句子,最好連前後文,以免誤解)... 這位某人會樂於提供您任何所需資訊。

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  8. I am sorry, may I understand the reason for the one-star rating? Was the meal not to your taste or if the service was not up to your expectation? Appreciate your feedback!

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  9. ...體貼是為了表達對愛的感激之情 to cherish is not to receive in kind but to appreciate one's company 也許另一半並不完美 需要更多的包容與妥協 Might it...

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