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  1. 你好! Appliance 通常指『家用電器』,如洗衣機、洗碗機、果汁機等。 而Equipment則可泛指一般設備或設施。【英解】﹕things that needed for a particular purpose. 希望能解除你的疑惑哦 ^ ^

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  2. plug in插入 appliance 裝置 plug in the appliance 插入(特定)裝置

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  3. appliance /yt_baking_ appliance .htm 甜蜜...圖片參考: appliance /images/p1_1.jpg 圖片參考...圖片參考: appliance /images/p2_3.jpg 圖片參考...

  4. 智慧電器 就是一些搭配了微電腦,有多種功能的家用(或商用)電器,而不是如傳統電器一個口令一個動作

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  5. ...mainly a design which probes into the electrical home appliances appearance form of the kitchen, and come out by way of series..., collect the kitchen electrical home appliances on the market, designing this research again, the...

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  6. ★preponent n. 1. 提議人;擁護者 ★ appliance n.[C] 1. 器具,用具;裝置,設備 The kitchen is equipped...

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  7. HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES The two home- appliance manufacturers... firm is a captive supplier of private-label appliances on a large multiyear contract with one of the leading...

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  8. Cowhead (Household) Appliances 牛頭牌只是名稱,所以按照字面翻就可以了 至於一般家庭用的電器,用 appliance (s...

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  9. ...所用的工具,現在多指農用工具,也可指為實現某個任務所需的工具或器具。 appliance 側重指家用機器或設備,尤指家用電器。

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  10. According to study some electrical appliances have never used to insert to still continue to consume... use of a screen shows that the electrical appliance consumes an electricity and easily cuts...

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