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  1. The prospect of living in city holds little appeal for me. 此句主詞 : The prospect of living in city 動詞...

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  2. Sex Appeal - Bueno Clinic 2014-02-11 01:15:55 補充: 試聽:

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  3. Further appeal for national compensation for residents of the Tung Hsing Building will be made by Taipei City Government.

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  4. ...ambulance is to save lives. 9.The girl who has long hair appeals to me. 那女生很吸引我的吸引不會用 appeal 比較常用attract 有兩種寫法...

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  5. ...在 district court 的法官所給的 你所看到的United states court of appeals 是美國聯邦高等法庭 案子是從district court 上訴來的 供參考

  6. Suede is a classic study in youth appeal , and whether calculated or not, they hit all the right buttons in the...

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  7. 是不是這個? My appeal to Facebook好時光」影片, 後來得到善意回應。 相關新聞-中央社 影片關鍵字是「My appeal to Facebook 」 提供您參考。

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  8. ... favorite example of equivocation comes from my graduate logic professor. 4. appeal to authority definition : Given power to do things. example: She...

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  9. ...特製品/特產/特性/特徵 14.unsought good 未被要求的/未被請求的 商品 15.fear appeals 恐懼的 呼籲/請求/訴諸/求助 16.humorous appeals 幽默的 (同上...

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