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  1. 您好 我叫阿方 之前經營如新一年半的時間 也是np猛男班的講師~~ 基本上 建議邊訓練邊喝 效果會比較好 因為您在破壞肌肉纖維的同時 一邊補充蛋白質 比事後的效果會來的好喔~~ 順便問一下 您有搭配動能一起使用麻? 如果有的話 效果會超威喔!!!!! 附註:賣您的人沒有給你服務嘛???

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  2. Mark非常(high)著重(regard)誠實,而她實話實說的溝通方式,正對上了( appealed to)Mark的味 (regard for honesty)。

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  3. Administrative Appeal Act 訴願法   Chapter 1 General Provision...56    Section 1 Commencement of Administrative Appeal § 56    Section 2 The Review of the ...

  4. 1. You mention how sorry you feel about their decision and how wrong they deny you. 2. You discuss why you are qualified by rebutting their reason(s). 3. Offer further discussion and request formal review.

  5. enrage 反義詞 Patience (耐心,忍耐) Stabilization (鎮定,穩定) appeal 反義詞 Command (命令,指揮) Forced (强迫, 强行)

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  6. Appeal : This advertising title shrugs one's shoulders...'s sight with the puppy with the little lovely baby! So in the respect of appeal , the already successful one carries off the heart which obtains ...

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  7. 版大看一下上下文,如果事關教育學習,major 是"科系"。如果事關人物,major 是少校。下列兩者之一應該符合你的文章所需。 1. 這個科系有什麼吸引你的地方呢? 2. 這位少校有什麼吸引你的地方呢? 2011-07-06 22:24:46 補充: major 雖然翻譯是{主修科目},但實際用法,要翻成 {科系...

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  8. Appeal point 這並不是標準的英文用法,它是中式或日式英文,在台灣廣告業來說,是指訴求點。以你的情況來說, appeal point 可以指 我的作品與眾不同之處 我的作品吸引人的地方 我的作品的優點(或訴求點)

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  9. ... visit . Analyse that visiting rest appeal and impact on visitor s satisfaction and loyalty and related... right to fly, difference of showing exist; 9. Appeal exists in experiencing influence that ...

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  10. 3. appeal to 向..呼籲,懇求;訴諸,求助於 ex: They never appealed to us for mercy. 他們從不向我們乞求憐憫 ex: You should not appeal ...

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