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  1. ... + vt higher than last month's-------DO, the apostrophe ( 's) in grammar showing possession; the possessive case to fininsh the sentence...

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  2. It is called " apostrophe ". See link: apostrophe

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  3. ...: The general rule is that you should not use an apostrophe to form the plurals of nouns, abbreviations, or dates...

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  4. sun及country屬於擬人化的名詞,可以使用加's的方式,也可以按無生物的所有格寫法。寫成the rays of the sun或the progress of the country。而生物名詞有時句可以用of來表示所有:the boy's name = the name of the boy 請參見柯旗化《新英文法》pp.30-31 neighbor屬於可數名詞,寫成her...

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  5. ...acceptable. 2014-10-14 16:17:47 補充: ***" ' " is called apostrophes

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  6. ...什麼事嗎? 兩個是通用的 What's up = What is up apostrophe acts as a contraction to join two words "what is" ...

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  7. ...quote);單引號「 ' 」(single quotation marks) 縮寫及所有格符號: Apostrophe ,「 ' 」

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  8. ...and their" are possessives The possessive case; the apostrophe s expresses belong. and simple form, hence no double n.

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  9. ...of the company", especially in a formal writing. However, we use apostrophes to show possession of periods of time such as "today's date" and...

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  10. ...33 補充: sacks' D. D=Dollars, 重複了s, 再加 apostrophe ' = < 金銀滿袋>。 Congratulation! 祝賀您們的...

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