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  1. The answer is no. Wires are rated based on how strong the current can go through. So if you do this, there is a high possibility of fire (overheat and overload).

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  2. Unable to answer . In most instance, the amount of free storage space does not affect the computer...

  3. 1. Unable to answer . It depends on your program. 2. If your education...

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  4."To take a map"---the order were imperative.--------The answer is (B) (C) Tak(-)ing=Taking----present participle of...

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  5. enough to admit your mistake.. You are old enough to know the answer , because you read well enough.This answer is easy enough for a junior to...

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  6. To give an answer to the question:- (1)We weathered a storm last weekend. (2)We...

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  7. ...angry. She’s only 13.’ ‘Of course.’   例2. ‘The correct answer is 83.’ ‘Oh, yes, of course.’

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  8. appear vi come into view, become visible; eg:-The advisable answer appeared on the Dodger's to Sike's.Dodger...

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  9. Once your question has been posted for at least 1 hour and has at least one answer , click on 'Award Best Answer ' button next to your chosen answer .

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  10. 更新: console就是主控台的英文... 我是這篇的回答者 https://tw. answers

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