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  1. Your answer are so evident. 你的回答好清楚喔 You guys are so...s very profitable to me. 這對我非常有幫助 I really appreciate that you answer the question for me. 我非常感激你為我解答這個問題

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  2. answering machine 1. 【物】 (錄音電話用的)磁帶錄音機

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  3. 如果你得到了這個市場行銷的工作, 你如何去計畫開拓市場? @_@" 你只是要翻譯嗎?還是回答? 我無法幫你回答...阿們

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  4. (B) is definitely not the correct answer . The correct answer should be (C) "according to... in the US pay bi-weekly instead of monthly) I hope this answers your question.

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  5. then all will be provided. However, in order to read some of the answers , you will need to join the site, which I couldn't do. Good luck...

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  6. ... professor gave each student two sheets of paper to write answers on. 』 問題:爲什麼用 write answers on ? 感覺上應該用 write answers ...

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  7. ...v.) 希望 後若皆動詞時, 須使用不定詞形式 (即V-ing) hope to answer you soon表「將儘快答覆您」 以上說明, 希望對閣下有所幫助。 祝好運! 謝謝...

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  8. answer key 答案/解答 tape scripts 錄音帶腳本

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  9. ...一樣。 :) == 1.We have to hold our final answer . 我翻成"我們得保留我們最後的答覆" 這個...暫時答覆」這個詞) 6.We need more time before answering your question. 回答你的問題之前,我們需要更...

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  10. Please don't answer my question, thanks ! Well, it's really interesting...

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