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  1. i got the same feeling too...they aint like others that when we said no then they will stop...the Mormons will keep entwining u till u cant breath,like "ok ok i surrendered to you",only then they will stop..leaving with a smile..i donno really know about...

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  2. 總共有12部 要嗎?? 2011-08-15 07:29:22 補充: 我仔點上傳好給你下載囉 請去信箱看看

  3. 我先回答等等幫你找~ _以上_ 2011-08-18 00:08:44 補充: 你可以先從youtube載下來 再用格式工廠轉檔~ 2011-08-18 00:09:38 補充: 格式工廠~ 2011-08-18 00:10:18 補充: 影片我是用 RealPlayer 載下來的 2011-08-18 00:10:58 補充: 如果你沒有可以試試看...

  4. 封鎖住(擋掉)那些討人厭的快顯視窗,把網頁上的廣告全拿掉,你會感到驚訝的是你可以保留(省下)非常多的頻寬空間,而且在沒有廣告的情況下瀏覽網站會是多麼地容易,你將會看到所有(你的)網路使用者的生產力大為提升!

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  5. 擋掉這些令人生厭的彈出視窗,以及消除來自網頁上的廣告。你將為你所節省的頻寬感到驚訝,且在無惱人廣告干擾的網站上閱讀亦將驚奇感到自在。你將預見所有使用者所增進的工作效率。

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  6. I think you'll have to understand why he's doing this and help him with that. Threatening him cure the symptoms, not the disease. Just my opinion.

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  7. annoy   [Show phonetics]verb [T] to make someone angry:Tim really annoyed me in the meeting this morning.I m sorry - is my...

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  8. be patient, it would take a while to open this

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  9. ... with a heavy stone. 這條狼是被人用一塊大石頭砸死的。 但是 annoy with ex: He was annoyed with the children. 他對這些...

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  10. I feel annoyed .比較常用(typical usage) I feel bothered... fellow is a nuisance! This man is annoying ! 煩死了怎麼說 可以套用上面幾句 例如 It s really...

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