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  1. 本修正案內容必須按上述備忘錄協意書條款的規定下才能終止(或取消)。 以上是嘗試按中文文法翻譯,由於文法上英語/法律語文往往把「主題」(Termination)作為主詞,但中文把一個動名詞/動詞作名詞是難以解讀的。

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  2. ..., namely, AirTac, Delta, Hiwin, Teco, and the two aforementioned . 2015-01-08 22:59:42 補充: 哇哈哈!還沒寫完就跑走了喔! ... and the two aforementioned ...

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  3. ...的基因分析時的在個別沈默路徑是共同形成的 This included the aforementioned RDR, which can synthesize dsRNA from ssRNA templates...

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  4. ... received mannitol , lactulose or anticipated initiation of aforementioned drugs over the upcoming week 有服用過Mannitol,Lactulose...

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  5. With the designated feature of the program and the result of the evaluation as aforementioned , my company could reasonably assure you that the internal control targets over the whole operation system will be achieved. (註:保證依原文忠實全文翻譯!)

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  6. ...4. On-Call Workers 待命臨時工 In this article, the aforementioned categories of temporary work will be discussed together except when there...

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  7. ... company.In Taiwan, do you have any agent dealing with aforementioned equipments? Best regards OOO   有空,請到我...

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  8. ...其他文化的差異 Our culture governs the manner in which we approach each aforementioned aspect of superficial presentation. 我們的文化管理我們的禮節其中我們欲表面上達到...

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  9. ...的沒錯 We would like to confirm the specification was designed as aforementioned (to support both types).

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  10. 等這一些夢想, 只有時間會證明, 證明這些承諾落空了

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