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  1. What might a person interested in this advertisement probably want to do next? Talk to Mr. Young 對這則廣告感興趣的人,接下來可能採取什麼行動? 找Mr. Young談談

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  2. Find a magazine advertisement that communications the position for a product in each of the following...

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  3. AD卡 = Advertisement Card 廣告卡 淘寶片是指一些品質較差或未經允許而擅自翻印的盜版卡

  4. ... for newspaper and radio board casting advertisingUsing these two advertisement paths can spread the information widely to public, which is very high efficient...

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  5. ...6. tactics:戰術;7. PR ecological approach: 公關生態的方法;8. PR advertisement :公關廣告;

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  6. AD = advertisement ID = identity (or usually used as identity card)

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  7. ... American customer orders a person who read their advertisement , including to come from unexpectedly far the Earth is Syria...

  8. ...workplace. 在你現在工作的地方的不同部門找尋工作的空缺 2.Look at the advertisements in newspapers and on the internet. 看看報紙上和網路上的廣告 P...

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  9. I. Advertisement 廣告找英文 廣告產品: Heineken 海尼根啤酒 英文廣告詞: Passion...

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